Internal Circulation


Nut OD. can be smaller,  each circle can be a circulation, so the resistance and friction can be smaller.
Suitable for
Compact, Miniature Screw


The advantage of internal ball  circulation nut is the outer diameter is smaller than external ball circulation nut.
Hence it is suitable for the machine with limit  space for Ballscrew installation.

  • FSI Type (Single.Internal Nut)-1
  • FSI Type (Single.Internal Nut)-2
  • FDI Type (Double.Internal Nut)-1
  • FDI Type (Double.Internal Nut)-2
  • DFI Type (Double.Internal Nut)-1
  • DFI Type (Double.Internal Nut)-2
  • RSI Type (Single.Internal Nut)-1
  • RSI Type (Single.Internal Nut)-2
  • RDI Type (Double.Internal Nut)-1
  • RDI Type (Double.Internal Nut)-2
  • FSI Type (Standard in Stock, Single)
  • FDI Type (Standard in Stock, Double)