External Circulation


Handling higher load and suitable for higher lead and double threads screw.
Suitable for
Low Cost, Mass Production
High Lead, Two starts


Lower noise due to longer ball circulation paths.
Offers smoother ball running.
Offers better solution and quality for long lead or large diameter ballscrews.

  • FSV Type (Single.External Nut)-1
  • FSV Type (Single.External Nut)-2
  • FDV Type (Double.External Nut)-1
  • FDV Type (Double.External Nut)-2
  • FSW Type (Single.External Nut)-1
  • FSW Type (Single.External Nut)-2
  • FSW Type (Single.External Nut)-3
  • FDW Type (Double.External Nut)-1
  • FDW Type (Double.External Nut)-2
  • FDW Type (Double.External Nut)-3
  • DFW Type (Double.External Nut)-1
  • DFW Type (Double.External Nut)-2
  • Both Ends Unprocess FSW (Single)-1
  • Both Ends Unprocess FSW (Single)-2
  • Both Ends Unprocess FDW (Double)-1
  • Both Ends Unprocess FDW (Double)-2