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Company Profile  |  Social Responsibilities

In order to run a sustainable  business, a corporation requires continuous profit funds instead of bank loan as turnover funds. Bank loans as turnover funds have risks that highly depend on the current world economy, which can then  determine a company’s fate. High financial leverage, blind investment, and poor decision making may cause the company to go bankrupt. Hence, “No debt management” is a company’s only viable motto, and also the company’s obligation towards their shareholders, employees, and society. Our motto was adopted from Toyota, Japan.

Deans Group is cooperating with National Chin-Yi University of Technology and National Sha-Lu Industrial Vocational High School.
It's not only just to train talented people, but also to help students to be familiar with workplace.
Therefore, after those students graduated, they can be more competitive and professions.
Nowadays, business system and educational system are cooperating to insure well educational policies and national basic economy development. Because of it, Dean's Group has a great honor to be part of this great plan.

Deans Group set up a scholarship in National Cheng Kung University, and continuous to encourage and reward elite students. Deans Groups is also currently incorporating with 
National Chin-Yi University of Technology to design and develop DC servo motor, and electornic bicycle motor with National Cheng  Kung University.
Deans Group upholds the ideas of "When eating fruit, worship the tree; when drinking water, think of its source" and strongly believes "Whatever you take from the society; use them for the society.

" Those ideas are the valuable asset, permanent brand and cultural indicators of Dean's Group.

In addition to sustain sophisticated in the industry, the pursuit of good business performance in the future.

We will uphold the 
 "Thanksgiving" as our spirit. Continually to promote the welfare activities, hoping to drive more people involved to initiate effective.
Inspiring  people to care awareness,creating a happy society, and fully reaching the importance of the corporate existence.